Chris Roelen

Chris Roelen

Chris Roelen (1973) started Lionfish in 2000. Chris is an economist specialised in strategic reputation management. Lionfish is linked with several high-value partner networks; from psychologists to ICT firms and designers to research agencies.

Chris started his career at ORMIT. Afterwards he jumped into the Amsterdam start-up scene and started Lionfish. Over the years Chris has worked for clients like Shell, Akzo Nobel, NGO’s like VSBfonds and Rutgers, and several Dutch government Ministries.

Recent and current client activities include heading change management programs (Dutch Ministry of Defence), being deputy director Communication and Reputation (ProRail), executive coaching (NieuwBestuur) and strategy consulting (Maaak).

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Services and experience

Lionfish makes its clients more successful by helping them become (more) trustworthy. We focus our efforts on executives, organizations and/or projects.

Our services include executive coaching, interim management and consulting. We’re experienced in strategic and often complex issues like mergers, crisis, disruptive innovations, reorganisations and change management.


You don’t own your reputation. It’s something your stakeholders give you. Therefore the basic idea of reputation management is to ensure your stakeholders consider you to be trustworthy.

Creating trustworthiness requires finding the proper balance between the three dimensions of strategic reputation management:

  1. To be a authentic source of inspiration (by using PR, marketing and communication)
  2. To avoid reputation damage (by excellence in risk and crisis management)
  3. To create Shared Value (by bringing Fair Business in practice)

Going the easy way and skipping one or two is not an option.


Since organizations are the main contributors to welfare it is our purpose to make organizations more successful by helping them to become (more) trustworthy.

The more trustworthy an organization is, the more it’s able to improve its own (financial) results and, at the same time, enhance the economic and social conditions of the communities in which it operates.


Reputation is all about trust and freedom. It allows you to be successful, reduces transaction costs and enables multi-stakeholder value creation.